29 January 2012 XXXV
Khamsin Molossia News

The Government of the Republic of Molossia is proud to unveil our latest building, the Office of the President. In the planning for several months, construction began in early January and continued unabated over several weekends time. A brief setback occurred when a violent windstorm destroyed the office door before the building was even complete. After the door was repaired, the office was quickly finished and made available for the President's use on Sunday, 29 January.

The office provides a workspace for His Excellency as he administers the affairs of Molossia, as well as creating a place for interviews and to receive visitors. This building is a long overdue addition to our nation and anchors the expanded Red Square, also under construction, which serves as the focal point around which many of our buildings currently stand. Molossia has much of which to be proud with this new Presidential Office, as a new face for our nation and a new workplace for Our President.

Through The Door.

Inside The Office.

The President's Desk.

The President At Work.

Office Sign.

The President At His Desk.

The President's Office.

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