11 December 2011 XXXIV
Khamsin Molossia News

Christmas is a major holiday in Molossia and a time of great tradition as well as festivity. To kick off our holiday season, the Government of the Republic of Molossia is proud to unveil not one, but two National Christmas trees this year. The newest tree is a live one, newly planted this last April, next to Republic Square in front of Government House. This is the first live, outdoor Christmas tree our nation has ever had. In spite of its small size, we are all quite proud of it. The second Christmas tree is our traditional one, located in the Great Room of Government House. This beautiful tree has presided over eight Christmases in our nation and we are certain it will continue to do so for many years to come.

We are also pleased to introduce this year's Presidential Christmas Card, to be sent out to foreign dignitaries and loyal friends of our nation. We are very proud of these Christmas icons, and feel that they nicely represent our holiday spirit, at this merry time of year!

The Presidential Christmas Card.

The National Christmas Tree Beside Republic Square.

The National Christmas Tree Inside Government House.

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