12 October 2003 XXVI

Khamsin Molossia News

The Molossia Railroad has seen a flurry of activity in recent days. In response to engineer demand, two switches leading to and from the Lizard Mountain branch have been reworked. These two switches created a potential derailment problem due to their abrupt curves. They have been straightened and tested, and demonstrate a great improvement in railroad operations. In addition, a new switch has been emplaced near Steinsdorf, and another near Silver Hill, in anticipation of a planned extension of the line in that latter area. Further, a tunnel has been driven through Silver Hill, with a spur constructed beyond the tunnel, also in anticipation of the planned extension. To take advantage of recent silver discoveries on Silver Hill, a station and water tower have been built, adjacent to the hill, on the Dry Gulch Route.

In addition to the re-working of the track, we are proud to announce the arrival of a new engine. "Bighorn" is a 4-6-0, "ten-wheeler", built by Baldwin Locomotive Works in 1918. It was purchased from the Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad and is still burning wood, having not yet been converted to coal or oil. Much like the 2-8-0 Consolidation, the 4-6-0 was a go-anywhere, do-anything locomotive that carried freight and passenger cars, and was also used for industrial applications. The 4-6-0s were utilized throughout the steam era, with some locomotives seeing use in the American South as late as the 1950's.

Photos and more information about these changes and additions will be posted on the Molossia Railroad website in the near future.

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