30 May 2011 XXXIV
Khamsin Molossia News

On 29 and 30 May 2011 XXXIV King Montague of the Imperial Kingdom of Calsahara visited His Excellency, The President of the Republic of Molossia for the first State Visit between our two nations. The Imperial Kingdom of Calsahara is located in western California, not far from the unincorporated community of California Valley. The King is a longtime friend of our President, and was traveling through the Northern Nevada area on his way to various locales in Northern California. The first order at hand upon the meeting between the King and His Excellency was the awarding of the title of Knight Commander of the Order of the Desert Heart, Calsahara's highest award, for services to Calsahara and the community of small nations in general. This was a great honor for our President and one upon which he does not look lightly. The second order of business was the placement of a wreath at the Mustachistan War Memorial, in memory of the fallen during that war, which took place at this time five years ago. Following this honor, His Excellency and the King repaired with the First Family and the King's wife to nearby Virginia City for a luncheon, during which the two heads of state earnestly discussed matters pertaining their nations, as well as matters pertaining to the world of small nations. Following this, and a tour of Virginia City, the State Visit ended. The next day saw an informal visit of the King, his wife and First Family to the Donner Party Memorial, near Truckee, California, about 106 Imperial Nortons (65 mi) west of Molossia. Afterward, the King parted ways with our leader and voyaged westward to the former sovereign nation of Rough and Ready, California and from there further into Northern California. Thus ended a successful diplomatic meeting, a milestone for both of our great nations.

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Receiving the Medal

Multi-national Salute

Laying the Wreath

Saluting the Monument

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