26 September 2003 XXVI

Khamsin Molossia News

New Paint Job for Government House. This weekend, Government House gets a face lift. For the next two days a massive effort will be put forth to paint the seat of our government and home of the First Family. The constant winds and frequent severe winter weather take a toll on buildings in the Great Basin and Government House is no exception. Thus it was deemed necessary to apply a new coat of paint before this next winter onslaught strikes. His Excellency, The President will himself direct the effort, and participate heavily, as will the First Lady.

The President Visits Salt Lake City. His Excellency, The President had the opportunity last week to travel to Salt Lake City, Utah, on a business matter. During his four days there, he visited Temple Square in downtown Salt Lake City, as well as the stadium that held the opening ceremonies for the 2002 Winter Olympic Games. His Excellency has visited Salt Lake City many times, and was favorably impressed during this visit at the neatness, orderliness and cleanliness of the city. His Excellency was also quite impressed by the improvements in and around Temple Square, which include lovely fountains and flowers. The President looks forward to visiting Salt Lake City again in the future.

Trees Under Attack. Our National Animal, the wild horse, has taken aim our our trees. In search of food, the small horse herd that lives in the vicinity of Molossia has made our nation a regular stopping point, after several years of absence. However, stopping here also means eating here, and they have invaded our flower beds and snacked on our trees. This has been quite to the detriment of the trees which are now somewhat barren. In that they will loose their leaves soon due the onset of Autumn, the Molossian National Service is not overly concerned. They have taken steps to engage a neighbor to our nation to "encourage" the horses to move on when they start eating. Further, we will be installing some fencing this coming spring that will hopefully discourage future tree snacking.

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