11 May 2011 XXXIV
Khamsin Molossia News

The Kingdom of Vikesland has been beset with a flooding crisis. The Assiniboine River is the main water tributary that runs through the city of Brandon, Manitoba, where the Vikesland Royal Embassy is located. The Embassy is situated just two blocks from the river. Unusually high amounts of snowfall, added to an already high water table and over-saturated soil, contributed to a growing flood problem in April 2011 XXXIV. As the waters slowly rose, the Vikesland Government declared a State of Emergency on April 14th. Initial reports that the flood waters would crest over the Easter weekend proved to be optimistic. Instead, the river kept rising and to make matters worse a freak snowstorm dumped more snow on the already waterlogged area. The snow which fell melted and added to the water already in the river, exacerbating the problem. Parks and fields near the river became lakes and levees were quickly tested by the rising waters. As the flooding peril increased, the Kingdom of Calsahara sent aid in the form of sandbags which were immediately used to shore up a failing super sandbag in a dike near the Assiniboine River.

By May 8th the Assiniboine River was still rising quickly toward the top of existing dikes. Canadian authorities declared a state of emergency. The Prime Minister of Canada sent the Canadian Army into Brandon to help with the emergency. Canadian soldiers helped raise the existing dikes quickly and ensured roadways remained open. On the advice of emergency services workers in Brandon, King Christopher ordered the Brandon Royal Embassy to be evacuated on May 9th and the King and Queen took up temporary residence in the house of Duke and Duchess Wutke. Dikes containing the river have held up relatively well considering the water pressure but are at near maximum ability to hold back the water. The flood crest is now expected to happen between May 11th 14th with hopes it will subside before possibly breaching the dikes. If the dikes hold, the Royal Family should be back in the Royal Embassy by May 21st.

The Republic of Molossia, longtime allies of Vikesland, has sent a flood relief kit, containing a variety of useful items that might come in handy during the flood crisis. It is hoped that this small token of assistance will help the brave citizens of Vikesland through this emergency. Hopefully the flood waters will soon recede and life will return to normal in the Kingdom of Vikesland.

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Flooded Assiniboine River

Flooded Assiniboine River

Holding Back The Water

Sandbags Along The Road

Flood Relief Kit

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