20 March 2011 XXXIV
Khamsin Molossia News

On 20 March 2011 XXXIV the Republic of Molossia celebrated 10,000 days of its War with East Germany. For over 27 years, Molossia has been at war with the now-defunct East Bloc stalwart, home to Trabis, the Stasi and the Berlin Wall. War was declared on 2 November 1983 VII for reasons that are rather obscure, as was the long forgotten war declaration discovered three years ago in the dusty Molossian archives. The end of East Germany, which took place on 3 October 1990, should haved also marked the end of the Molossian war with that nation. However, East Germany lives on in an unlikely place, tiny Ernst Thälmann Island (Cayo Ernesto Thaelmann), off the coast of Cuba. The uninhabited island was given by Fidel Castro as a gift to East Germany in 1972 during a state visit to that country. The island was renamed in honor of German Communist politician Ernst Thälmann, who was the leader of the Communist Party of Germany (KPD) during much of the Weimar Republic and was later imprisoned and murdered during the Nazi regime. In August 1972, the East German ambassador to Cuba erected a bust of Ernst Thälmann on communist Germany’s one and only foothold in the tropics. The island wasn’t mentioned in the treaty unifying both Germanys, which makes it arguably the last remaining piece of East German territory. Thus, East Germany lives on on Ernst Thälmann Island. As the island is uninhabited, there is no one with whom to negotiate a peace treaty. Thus the war lives on as well, with no end in sight.

To celebrate the 10,000th day of the War, a party was held in Government House on the anniversary day. East German flags, colors and information were displayed, and an East German and "Red"-themed dinner was served. The meal consisted of red potatoes, red-beans and rice, and the centerpiece, Goldbroiler, a chicken staple once served in East German guest houses. Dessert was red velvet cake. During dinner, His Excellency, The President held forth on his days while stationed with the U.S. Army in cold war Europe and what it was like when the Berlin Wall came down. He wrapped up his tales by telling about the origins of the War with East Germany to a rapt table-side audience. A fine celebration was had by all. In the meantime, the War goes on, and our nation must continue to be ever vigilant against the East German threat!

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East Germany Display

East Germany Display

Red Velvet Cupcakes

East Bloc Bread

Red Repast.

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