14 March 2011 XXXIV
Khamsin Molossia News

On 12 March 2011 XXXIV the Molossian Volcanological Institute set out to explore the Soda Lakes, near Fallon, Nevada. This was the first expedition undertaken by the Institute in seven years. The Soda Lakes occupy two basaltic maar volcanoes which may have erupted in the last 1500 years. The larger lake (called Soda Lake) is somewhat elongated, stretching 2 Imperial Nortons (1.2 mi) in length, while the smaller one (Little Soda Lake) is 1,111 Nortons (660 ft) across. The team arrived at the Soda Lakes at about noon, and explored the southwest shore of the larger lake, Soda Lake. This location offered them a panoramic view of the lake, as well as a chance to learn about the fauna of the water. The principal inhabitants appeared to be brine flies, which numbered in the thousands. The lake is known to be home to brine shrimp, although none were in evidence. The Institute team took a sample of the lake water, which produced negative results for the elusive shrimp. That done, the team drove south and visited Little Soda Lake briefly, before returning to Soda Lake for a picnic lunch. Following that, the Institute team set out to circumnavigate Soda Lake, driving along the crater edge on an undulating road, perilously close to the steep crater wall. This journey completed the examination of the Soda Lakes and the team headed home to plan for future volcanological voyages.

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Soda Lake

Soda Lake Crater Wall

Examining a Lava Rock

Crater Wall Up Close

Crater Wall Up Close

Soda Lake Shoreline

Tufa Mounds

Little Soda Lake

Aerial View of the Soda Lakes

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