19 February 2011 XXXIV
Khamsin Molossia News

From 16 - 18 February, 2011 XXXIV, a powerful winter storm hit Molossia and the surrounding area. The storm began with powerful winds exceeding 100 Nortons Per Hour (NPH) that blasted Molossia and the area for two days. Molossia was strongly affected by this mighty gale, with the Famous Pineapple Fountain blowing over, the small fountain in Republic Square damaged and the power pole that brings electricity to Molossia from the United States developing a dangerous lean. This latter necessitated emergency repairs and is now more or less upright again, although the beleaguered pole still has a slight cant to it.

After the wind subsided, snow began to fall beginning on Wednesday, the 16th, and continuing unabated for the next two days. This sort of extended storm is unusual in the High Desert area, as most storm systems move through rapidly in a day or so. During the next three days about 6 micronortons of snow accumulated. The snow slowed traffic on local roads, although schools and offices in the surrounding area remained open. This is the first real snow storm of the 2010-2011 winter season, although there were a few smaller storms in November and December 2010 XXXIII. By the morning of Saturday, February 19th the weather had cleared and was expected to remain so for the next few days. As a reminder, all of this foul weather is a direct byproduct of the U.S.; Molossian weather is always fair and clear, with temperatures around 40-50 Zenda. Our tiny nation's close proximity to the United States means that their ugly weather blows over the border and messes up our otherwise beautiful Molossian days.

Snowy Sign

Snow Falls On Republic Square

The Snowy Square

Snow Falls On Norton Park

The Snowy Park


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