9 January 2011 XXXIV
Khamsin Molossia News

On 9 January 2011 XXXIV, the Molossian Navy launched its latest adventure, to send the Seahorse Diving Bell under the ice of a nearby pond. Winter has Molossia and the surrounding area in it's icy grip and the lakes and ponds of the high desert are well frozen. However, deep beneath the ice, the water, though cold, remains liquid, and our Navy decided it was time to explore these frigid depths. Thus, on a chilly Sunday morning, The President, The First Lady and First Kids Lexi and Nathan set out to accomplish this mission. The quest turned out to be a challenging one. The initial choice for the mission was a pond in Carson City, some 30 Imperial Nortons away from the Molossian Home Territory. This pond proved to be closed for the winter, ironically due to the very icy conditions our valiant explorers were seeking. Explorations in the vicinity of this body of water proved equally fruitless, and our party traveled on to seek a better location. After a short stopover at the icy Carson River, the explorers finally arrived at a pond in the nearby town of Dayton. Here the ice was sufficiently thick enough to support weight, but thin enough to be breached for the submarine. In due course a hole was carved in the ice, and the Seahorse was prepped for its dive. Into the freezing depths the redoubtable submarine went, a total of four times. Each time it settled on the grasses at the bottom of the pond, it's camera recording the scene below the ice. Afterward the Seahorse was hauled in from the depths and the mission was declared complete - and a resounding success. We look forward to future amazing voyages for the trusty Seahorse and the Molossian Navy.

Another Frozen Pond

Icy Waterfall


The Seahorse Ready for Action

The Frozen Pond

Carving the Hole

Underwater Scene


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