11 September 2003 XXVI

Khamsin Molossia News

It is with great pleasure and pride that the Government of the Republic of Molossia announces that it has acquired additional real estate and thus expanded the physical territory of our nation. This new land, which is called the Colony of Farfalla, lies some 320 Imperial Nortons (320 km / 200 mi) distant from the Molossian Home Territory, near the small town of Alturas, California. The colony is about 7744 square Royal Nortons (2 ha / 4.9 ac) in size and is covered in pines. A small seasonal creek runs through the center, and a year-spring feeds into the creek. It is very beautiful country.

This acquisition increases Molossia's territory four-fold, from a total of 2054 sRN( .5 ha) to a total of 9956 sRN (2.5 ha). Much like the Home Territory, we consider Farfalla to be sovereign to our nation. The purchase of this land has created great excitement in Molossia, and we are quite proud and pleased at this realization of our national expansion.

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