29 August 2010 XXXIII

Khamsin Molossia News

The Republic of Molossia is pleased to announce a special commemoration of Hurricane Katrina. On 29 August 2005 XXVIII, Hurricane Katrina struck the Gulf Coast of the United States, causing extensive damage throughout coastal Mississippi and Louisiana, culminating in the catastrophic flooding of the city of New Orleans. At least 1,836 people lost their lives in the actual hurricane and in the subsequent floods and total property damage was estimated at US $81 billion. The most severe loss of life occurred in New Orleans, Louisiana, which flooded as the levee system catastrophically failed, in many cases hours after the storm had moved inland. Eventually 80% of the city and large tracts of neighboring parishes became flooded, and the floodwaters lingered for weeks. New Orleans has long held a special place in the hearts of Molossians, and it caused us great grief to see the great city drowned and devastated.

Upon the fifth anniversary of the terrible storm, our Government has moved to both recognize the victims of the disaster and also to act on their behalf. Henceforth, 29 August will be Katrina Day, in memory of lives lost, homes and livelihoods destroyed and the world of New Orleans changed forever. In addition, the Molossian Postal Service will be offering for sale a commemorative postcard, showing pre-hurricane Jackson Square in New Orleans on the front, and post-Katrina flooded New Orleans on the reverse, as well as a stamp showing the hurricane at it strongest. The postcard is dated 29 August 2005, the day the storm struck New Orleans. The postcard will be sold for US $5.00, $4.00 of which will go directly to Brad Pitt's Make it Right foundation, which is helping to rebuild New Orleans homes for those who lost theirs in the storm. In this small way, we here in Molossia can hopefully make a difference and help restore one of our favorite places to its former glory.

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Katrina Commemorative Postcard