16 August 2010 XXXIII

Khamsin Molossia News

On Monday, 16 August 2010 XXXIII, His Excellency, The President and The First Family, as part of the Molossian Navy, departed Molossia for distant Lake Tahoe, located in the Sierras about 80 Imperial Nortons (80 KM/50 MI) from the Molossian Home Territories. There they engaged in Naval Maneuvers, using the mighty M.S. Platypus and the redoubtable M.S. Bandicoot. This marks the first occasion that The First Family has engaged in naval activities. The Tahoe Exercise took the First Family and His Excellency onto Lake Tahoe, in an area known as Pope Beach. After sea trials with the Bandicoot and Platypus, including a foray to a distant lake piling, the Navy took part in target practice against floating targets, first from shore, then in the water. After great success with this activity, the Navy boarded their vessels and engaged the floating targets from the water. Finally, they honed their skills on each other, the crews of the Platypus and Bandicoot battling it out on the swells of Lake Tahoe. Following a bout of water familiarity training, the Navy repaired to the beach for some much needed shore leave, after which The First Family embarked for home, stopping for ice cream at McDonald's in nearby Carson City.

Target Practice.

More Target

Naval Battle.

Reaching the
Lake Piling.

Sailing the Lake.

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The Platypus and
the Bandicoot Afloat

The First Family
Ready for Action.