7 August 2010 XXXIII

Khamsin Molossia News

The first week of August has seen a sudden influx of visitors to Molossia. For the first time this year tourists came to tour our country, a surprisingly late start to our usually busy tourist season. On August 1st, the Scott Family, David, Beth and their daughter Carol arrived following a long drive from a conference in Montana. The Scotts hail from Canada by way of Texas - special permission was required and granted from His Excellency, The President to allow Texans to visit and in due course the family arrived at about 2:39 PM MST. They were met by The President and the First Lady, and escorted on a tour of our nation. In spite of the very warm weather, our visitors took full advantage of the tour, seeing every sight in Molossia. Many photos were taken, and cookie dough ice cream and "El Presidente" water were had. His Excellency stamped everyone's passports and then the family visited the Trading Company for souvenir coins, buttons, postcards and bumper stickers. The President even called a friend of Carol to send greetings from Molossia. The visit lasted about two hours, and a fine time was had by all. We wish David, Beth and Carol well on their voyage home and we look forward to hearing from them again.

On August 6th our second set of tourists arrived, this time the Prull Family from Walla Walla, Washington. Matthew, Vanessa, Emily and Rachel had been visiting family in Tracy, California, and decided to visit Molossia on their way home to Washington. Emily and Rachel were taken with the idea of micronations and had recently declared their bedrooms to be independent countries. The Prull Family arrived at about 3:39 PM MST, and were met by His Excellency, The President and the First Lady and escorted on a tour of the nation. The weather was again very hot, but they enjoyed the tour and wrapped up their visit in the Gazebo of Norton Park, enjoying cookie dough ice cream. As a special note, this was also Matthew and Vanessa's wedding anniversary, and we are honored that they chose to spend part of it in our nation. After the tour and a stop at the Trading Company for souvenirs, the family headed for home. We wish Matthew, Vanessa, Emily and Rachel well on their trip home and we look forward to hearing from them again.

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Beth, Carol and David Scott

Rachel, Vanessa, Matthew, and Emily Prull