24 June 2010 XXXIII

Khamsin Molossia News

On 24 June 2010 XXXIII, the First Family visited Desert Homestead Province. Desert Homestead is 7,902 sRN (5 ac) of desert land, located in western San Bernardino County, about 31 IN (31 km / 19 mi) northeast of the town of Yucca Valley, California. It is open low desert, comprised mostly of sand, scrub brush and creosote bushes. Desert Homestead became a part of the Republic of Molossia in 2005, after the passing of His Excellency, The President's grandfather, who had obtained the land in the 1950's as a part of the last Homestead Act of the United States. His Excellency visited the Province most recently in 2005, and the 24 June visit was only his second since Desert Homestead became a part of Molossia. The purpose of this trip was to officially raise the Molossian flag over this distant part of our nation, and to mark the provincial boundaries. Thus, at about 1:00 PM MST the First Family arrived at the Province, fresh from their Disneyland vacation. The President immediately set out for Baugh Terrace, established by the former Governor of the Province in 2009. In the center of the small terrace, His Excellency and the First Lady proceeded to build the flagpole, and shortly thereafter raised the Molossian flag for the first time ever over Desert Homestead. Immediately thereafter, The President and the First Lady explored the perimeter of the Province, planting small metal markers to note the corners of the land. After a subsequent brief visit with a local resident, The President and First Lady lowered the flag, and the First Family set out on the long drive back to the Molossian Home Territories, ending a landmark event in the history of our nation.

Visit the website of Desert Homestead here.

See the movie of the Desert Homestead visit here.

Raising the Flag

Saluting the Flag

Marking the Boundaries

Desert Homestead Province

Building the Flagpole

Attaching the Flag

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