New Trading Post
4 April 2010 XXXIII
Khamsin Molossia News

The Government of the Republic of Molossia is pleased to announce the inauguration of our new Trading Post, the physical location for the Molossia Trading Company. After a one-week delay, and near destruction by wind, the Trading Post is now open for business.

As mentioned in a previous article, in 2009 XXXII an idea was formed to establish a physical location for the Molossia Trading Company here on Molossian soil. The Molossia Trading Company has long had a presence in cyberspace, at its online store through Cafepress. In this form, the Company did a moderate business selling Molossian souvenirs and curios. Last year, however, the large number of tourists that we received prompted First Son Carson Baugh to point out that tourists like to buy souvenirs when they visit places, and that we lacked that opportunity in our tiny country. Thus was spawned a plan to build a branch of the Trading Company in Molossia, not far from the Post Office. In due course the foundation was laid, and through the month of March 2010 XXXIII the Trading Company building took shape. Finally, on 28 March 2010 XXXIII, the Trading Post was ready to open for business. Instead, a ferocious windstorm blew in from the neighboring United States, sending Molossia's citizens scurrying for cover, and delaying the grand opening. To add insult to injury, the wind caught the Trading Post building and sent it tumbling, narrowly missing the border fence on the northern frontier. This was a grievous setback to our proud Trading Company.

One week later the building was righted, and proprietor Trader Tom moved his wares inside. Goods stocked in the Trading Post include bananas, beans, flour, sugar, curios and even shrunken heads. The focus for our tourists, however, are bumper stickers, Molossian coins and buttons. Postcards are still offered for sale over at the Post Office. It is hoped that this Trading Company building will enhance the visit for our guests and make their stay in our nation all the better.

The New Trading Post, Ready For Business.

The Molossia Trading Company.

Trader Tom And His Wares.

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