2 May 2003 XXVI

Khamsin Molossia News

The face of Molossia's money has changed. In response to the Greek Crisis of last fall, His Excellency, the President has directed that all references to Greece be removed from any Molossian Government activity. This included, of course, the removal of the many Greek-oriented pages from our website, and also meant the re-tooling of other graphic areas. The stamp with the image of Pyrrhus has been withdrawn, and the One Valora bill, with the image of Pyrrhus on it, has been withdrawn as well.

This necessitated the complete remodeling of our currency to fill the void. Thus, His Excellency, the President, now graces the front of the One Valora bill, while he used to be on the Five Valora bill. Emperor Norton I now decorates the Five Valora, and President Alphonse Simms now can be seen on the Ten Valora. As a new addition, Princess Mia of Genovia now graces the front of the Twenty Valora bill. Quotations and similar sayings related to the individuals pictured on the bills have been added as well.

Examples of the new bills can be seen at the Bank of Molossia webpage.

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