Espionage Uncovered
9 March 2010 XXXIII
Khamsin Molossia News

The Government of the Republic of Molossia announced today that a campaign of espionage has been unleashed upon our small nation. Recently, it was revealed that secret e-mail traffic, photographs and even movies have been transmitted from within and without our nation, to parties unknown. This media directly concerned goings-on in Molossia, both private and governmental. The transmissions were intercepted by the Ministry of Intelligence, Subterfuge and Chicanery during a routine check on Molossia's wireless network.

It is uncertain as to who has been doing this spying against our nation. Molossia has had difficulties in the past with the nation of Mustachistan and more recently it was discovered that we have long been at war with the nation of East Germany. Either of these questionable entities could be behind this espionage, or it could perhaps be at the behest of another, as yet unknown, government or organization. While that question remains unresolved, our Government has reminded all citizens to be vigilant against spy activity, and pledges to root out and crush this affront to our national security.

Click here to see one of the Espionage Movies taken of Molossia, as intercepted by the Ministry of Intelligence, Subterfuge and Chicanery.

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