24 January 2010 XXXIII
Khamsin Molossia News

The Republic of Molossia is popular all over the world, and we receive mail from many countries daily. Lately however, we have become big in China. It seems that our tiny nation has been mentioned frequently in the Chinese press over the past couple of months and we have received a corresponding flood of e-mails as a result. Daily we entertain queries about visiting Molossia from China and about moving to Molossia from China. The latter request is of course impossible; only Molossian citizens can reside in our nation and Molossian citizenship is only open to current residents. The former request, however, to visit Molossia, is quite acceptable. We welcome visitors from all over the world to our nation each year, so it would be very exciting to have tourists visit from China. And of course, it would be wonderful for Molossians to travel to China for a visit.

It is unclear as to the reason for the sheer volume of messages from China. When Molossia has been featured in the media of other nations, there is a brief spike in messages from that nation, usually only lasting a few days. The longevity of the spike in messages from China is unusual and has our Government scratching its collective head. Nevertheless, we welcome and appreciate the e-mails from that nation, and we welcome any future visitors as well.

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