16 January 2010 XXXIII
Khamsin Molossia News

Many nations have distinctive myths. Some define the culture of their nations, others compliment their history. In Molossia, we have one of each, a myth that defines our history and another that is a part of our culture. Both enhance the experience that is our nation.

The first myth relates to the Chinese discovery of Molossia. The discovery a few years ago of a Ming Dynasty coin in Molossia prompted an investigation into the idea that Chinese explorers may have visited Molossia long ago. Over time a hypothesis has developed that a portion of the great fleet of Chinese Admiral Zheng He traveled in AD 1421 to the shores of California and thence through the mountains and valleys to Molossia. This theory has limited evidence to support it, beyond the established historicity of Zheng He's fleet; whether or not part of that fleet came to California is debatable. However, here in Molossia we prefer to believe that ancient Chinese travelers came to our desert realm, long before it was home to our nation, and left as a calling card a coin from their land.

The second myth seeks to explain the unusual mark atop Helicopter Rock in the Back Forty. This strange formation has long been the subject of discussion, and a story has developed to explain it. This myth taps the lore of Arthurian legend, and states that long ago the Questing Beast passed through our nation. The Questing Beast is a mythical creature that is perpetually sought after, but never caught by, King Arthur's knights. At one point, nearly being caught in Molossia (before it was Molossia), the Beast leapt away from its pursuer, leaving its hoofprint in the rock. Here in Molossia we admire the romantic sagas of King Arthur, and it pleases us to make that connection as a part of our National Myth.

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Chinese Coin, Discovered in Molossia.

Helicopter Rock, With the Mark of the Questing Beast.

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