November Sky
28 November 2009 XXXII
Khamsin Molossia News

28 November 2009 XXXII marked the first Molossian rocket launches in over a year. The Republic of Molossia has a long-standing space program, having sent several rockets aloft in the decade since the program began. This November space mission took place at Misfit Flats, located about 16 Imperial Nortons (16 km / 10 mi) from Molossia. The project had two facets; to launch the first-ever living creatures aloft on a Molossian rocket and to involve the Molossia Rangers in our Space Program. The mission began with the Molossia Rangers launching the redoubtable "Mustang" rocket, veteran of many past Molossian rocket missions. Each of the Rangers launched the "Mustang" rocket one time. After the "Mustang" launches were done, the team launched the "Marilyn" rocket. The first launch of "Marilyn" included a payload of four Mexican jumping beans, the first living creatures that have ever been launched skyward by the Molossian Space Program. This launch was a resounding success, with both the rocket and its passengers recovered successfully and without damage. The "Marilyn" was then launched a second time with a standard payload, by the First Lady; this mission was also a success. With the end of this second launch, so also ended this latest rocket project, another grand achievement by our mighty Molossian Space Program!

Ready to Fly.

On the Launchpad.

At the Landing Site.

Visit the webpage of the Molossia Ministry for Air and Space Exploration here.

Prepping the "Mustang" Rocket.

The Mexican Jumping Bean Payload.

The "Marilyn" Rocket Being Prepped.

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