The Molossia Rangers
16 November 2009 XXXII
Khamsin Molossia News

The Government of the Republic of Molossia is proud to introduce our new youth organization, the Molossia Rangers. Composed entirely of the children of Molossia's citizens (the First Family, in fact), the Rangers are dedicated to exploring the world around us, in the name of our mighty nation. At this time, the Molossia Rangers has just three members, Bryce (codename "Tiger"), Nathan (codename "Snake") and Lexi (codename "Ram"). They are stalwart adventurers ready to set out and make discoveries.

The first expedition of our intrepid explorers was to Fort Churchill, Nevada, about 39 Imperial Nortons southeast of the Molossian home territories. Fort Churchill was originally built in 1860 to protect the local area from Indian attacks. Occupation of the fort lasted just nine years, after which it was abandoned. Left to the elements, the adobe buildings of the Fort quickly deteriorated until finally salvaged in the 1960's and placed in a state of arrested decay. The Fort is now a Nevada state park, and popular destination for school field trips. It was to this storied location that our Rangers set forth, arriving on the cold afternoon of 15 November 2009 XXXII. They were joined by an honorary fourth Ranger, Destiny (codename "Horse"). They immediately moved out to explore the ruins, starting with the remains of the Officer's Quarters, then the Enlisted Barracks, Mess Hall, Guard House, and Hospital. After completing a circuit of the Parade Grounds, around which the majority of the ruins are located, the Rangers then traveled to the nearby Carson River, for a brief examination of that watercourse. They found the water level very low, customary at this time of year in Northern Nevada. This foray complete, the Rangers returned to Molossia, wrapping up a successful mission.

We are quite proud of our mighty Rangers, and we look forward to many future successful missions with them.

On the Road.

At the Carson River.

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The Rangers Lined Up.

Exploring Officer's Quarters, Ft. Churchill.

Hmmm, Rattlesnakes?

At the Post Hospital.

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