18 October 2009 XXXII
Khamsin Molossia News

The Government of the Republic of Molossia is proud to introduce our new First Lady, Adrianne Marie McFitzhenry Boubacar DiBianca. Mme. Adrianne is the consort of His Excellency, The President. The President met Mme. Adrianne a month ago, on 21 September 2009 XXXII, and was immediately taken with her. Shortly thereafter, His Excellency asked Mme. Adrianne to be his companion, elevating her to the position of First Lady just a few short days later, an honor Mme. Adrianne readily accepted.

Mme. Adrianne is the mother of four children, Kaylin, 17, Bryce, 11, Nathaniel, 8, and Alexis, 5, and currently lives in Dayton, Nevada, not far from the Molossian Home Territories. Plans are afoot for the new First Family to move to Molossia itself in the near future. In addition to being a magnificent mother, Mme. Adrianne works outside the home as the manager of a home for wayward girls, a rewarding and entertaining job indeed. In addition, Mme. Adrianne enjoys reading, baking and crafts.

Mme. Adrianne's first official public rôle will be in the upcoming Nevada Day Parade in nearby Carson City, Nevada, on 31 October 2009 XXXII. Both she and the First Family will appear in the parade with His Excellency and his entourage, at this third parade appearance of The President. In addition, plans have been made for the Official Wedding of His Excellency and Mme. Adrianne, to take place in Molossia in late September 2010 XXXIII. Our new First Lady is an amazing, wonderful woman and is truly an asset to the life of our President and to the Molossian nation.

As a side note, this suddenly raises Molossia's population to 12, with the addition of Mme. Adrianne and her family.

Our First Lady.

The President and The First Lady.

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