16 September 2009 XXXII
Khamsin Molossia News

The Republic of Molossia was visited today by travelers from far away indeed, the United Kingdom in fact. Chris Lobina and Fiona Ford, both from London, arrived in Molossia at around 4:00 PM MST, fresh from a three-week stay in Alameda, California. Their stay in Alameda and visit to Molossia is part of a six-week odyssey through California and Nevada, seeking interesting news stories to take back home to Britain.

Escorted by our President, Chris and Fiona's visit included a tour of the usual Molossian sights, the Customs Shack, Republic Square, the Peace Pole, the Post Office, Norton Park and the Molossia Railroad, the Tower of the Winds and the Trans-Molossia Trail. The tour included much picture-taking on Chris' part and interviewing on Fiona's part, necessary for the article about Molossia. After the tour, His Excellency and his guests relaxed in the shade of the Summer House, during which time The President held forth on various topics micronational and otherwise. Afterward, passports were stamped, buttons and poker chips were handed out and Chris and Fiona went on their way. Their voyage takes them next to Yosemite, Las Vegas and then Los Angeles, ever in search of interesting stories to take home. We wish them well in their travels, and hope that someday they will visit our fair nation again.

Fiona and Chris, at dusk.

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