29 August 2009 XXXII
Khamsin Molossia News

On Saturday, 29 August 2009 XXXII, the mighty Molossian Navy set forth on two nautical missions in nearby Lake Tahoe. The task was twofold, to explore the environs of Sand Harbor and to find the lost treasure of the pirate ship, "Bloody Hand".

The first mission was to find the pirate treasure, and for this project the redoubtable "Seahorse" diving bell was used. Plunging into the depths of Sand Harbor, the diving bell was shortly witness to strange sights on the lake floor, including possibly a mermaid, heretofore thought mythical, a startling vision indeed. Moving on, the diving bell soon discovered the wreck of the "Bloody Hand", grounded upon rocks on the otherwise sandy bottom of the harbor. Mere Nortons from the beach, and the unsuspecting holiday-goers thereon, the venerable shipwreck quickly yielded its treasure, a major coup for our Navy. The treasure found, the "Seahorse" returned to the surface, its mission accomplished.

The second mission for our Navy was to explore the shoreline of Sand Harbor and its surroundings. To this end, the Navy set forth in the "Platypus", one of our two magnificent kayaks. The route taken passed out of Sand Harbor itself, south and then westward toward the rocks that bound the bay. Rounding the first promontory, the Platypus turned and followed the rocky shoreline northward. Though rarely venturing far from shore, due to the high-powered watercraft skimming past nearby, the Platypus was nevertheless in deep water much of the time, alternating with rocky shallows. The heavy wake from passing boats made the voyage somewhat hazardous, raising and lowering the waterline rapidly, and occasionally washing the Platypus toward the rocks. At length, the Navy arrived at the boat landing area of Sand Harbor. At this point, it was decided to return to Sand Harbor beach, retracing the route taken. This was accomplished in due time, and the Platypus shortly arrived unscathed back at its launch site, mission accomplished.

We are quite pleased with these two successful missions and look forward to future triumphs for our valiant Navy.

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See the movie of the quest for the treasure of the "Bloody Hand" here!

Leaving Sand Harbor

Heading Out

Rocks Ahead

Seagull Rocks

Lake Rocks

Shark Fin Rock

Narrow Inlet

More Fin Rocks

Lake Tahoe

Shark Fin Rock Again

Returning to Sand Harbor

The Seahorse Underwater

The Wreck of "Bloody Hand"

The Wreck of "Bloody Hand"

Pirate Treasure

Pirate Treasure

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