9 August 2009 XXXII
Khamsin Molossia News

The Government of the Republic of Molossia is proud to unveil our latest landmark, the Space Monument. This Monument is dedicated to our mighty space program, which has probed the skies for ten years, since its inception in 1999. The Monument is a simple structure, consisting of several aluminum poles of various heights, culminating in a single spire, atop which stands a rocket. This symbolizes our space program's constant reach for the heavens. The Monument is located in the area of the Alphonse Simms Memorial Cosmodrome and Broomball Field, the launch site of nearly every rocket that Molossia has sent aloft, including the Tidal Wave, Astrocam and the Oracle - a truly historical location.

The rocket atop the Monument is in fact the old Goatshead Rocket, originally launched by Mustachistan and later reported destroyed by Molossian agents in the tense months following the war between Molossia and that nation. The Goatshead was salvaged by our government and after a period of study, was turned over to the Ministry for Air and Space Exploration, who in turn donated it for use in this Monument.

In front of the spire is a small plaza, which not only serves as a viewing spot of the Monument for visitors, but is also the stage upon which tourists can interact with the Molossian space program. Frequently, our visitors inquire about our rocket program, and desire to see a launch or perhaps participate in one. This is not usually possible as setting up and launching a rocket is a time-consuming process, and in the warm, dry months during which tourists often visit, rockets cannot be launched at all due to a risk of wildfire. As a solution, the Ministry for Air and Space Exploration has obtained an air rocket, called a "stomp rocket", which can be used to fire a simple foam missile into the skies above Molossia. In addition, to enhance the experience, any tourist that launches a rocket receives a certificate, making him or her an honorary Molossian Space Cadet. This program was actually introduced during the Founder's Day celebrations in late May and proved to be overwhelmingly popular. By launching the stomp rocket at the Space Monument, visitors can be a part of our space program, in this storied corner of Molossia.

We are quite pleased with this new Monument and look forward to sharing our space program with the world.

Visit the website of the Molossian Ministry for Air and Space Exploration here.

The Space Monument

Reaching for the Heavens

The Stomp Rocket

Space Cadet Certificate

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