7 June 2009 XXXII
Khamsin Molossia News

On June 7th, 2009 XXXII, the mighty Molossian Navy launched the "Seahorse", our new diving bell. The Seahorse is designed to go deep beneath the waves and explore, going where man cannot, or won't, to avoid getting wet. The Seahorse was designed and built entirely by the Molossian Navy, using PVC pipe and a hamster ball, as well as a self-contained light. The highlight of the submarine is its underwater camera, capable of taking video and still photographs. The camera is mounted inside the diving bell, which has a clear front, and is angled slightly downward for a better view of the seafloor. The simple design enables easy repair and upkeep, but none of this has thus far been necessary.

The Seahorse's sea trials took place at Skylandia Park in Lake Tahoe, some 84 Imperial Nortons (84 km / 52 mi) from Molossia. Lacking an ocean, this is the closest that our Navy could get, a location that is enhanced by its clear waters and easy access. At about 11:00 AM MST, the Seahorse slid into the waters of Lake Tahoe and began its mission. During its forays to explore the lake bottom, the Seahorse was used to survey the pier at Skylandia, which it did admirably. This mission was briefly delayed by a loss of sunlight to enhance reception by the diving bell's camera, but Seahorse itself performed very well. The Seahorse is an impressive, if simple, machine, and a definite asset to the Molossian Navy.

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See the movie of the inaugural voyage of the Seahorse here!

Seahorse Ready For Action

Seahorse at the Shore

Seahorse in the Water

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