26 May 2009 XXXII

Khamsin Molossia News

Tuesday, 26 May 2009 XXXII marked the 32nd Anniversary of the founding of the Republic of Molossia. For this very special day, the event was celebrated with a party in Norton Park, which included an ice cream social, tours of the country given by His Excellency, The President, air rockets launched and even Founder's Day cupcakes! Our tiny country hosted around 16 guests for this celebration, the most that have ever visited Molossia at one time. His Excellency, The President handed out one each of our coins to every guest, as well as stamping honorary passports and passing out buttons. He also provided information about our nation to all of our visitors. Most of them had heard about Molossia, but only a few had actually been here before, so visiting Molossia was a new experience for most. The celebration was an enormous success, and a fine time was had by all!

Cupcakes Across the Border

Relaxing in Norton Park

The President Holding Forth

More Presidential Tales

"El Presidente" Water Anyone?

Ice Cream Cone Time!

Good times

More Ice Cream

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