26 May 2009 XXXII

Khamsin Molossia News

On 25 and 26 May 2009 XXXII, a second film crew visited Molossia to film a documentary about our nation. This project was independently funded and focused on the question "what is a nation". The film crew consisted of Franco Sacchi and Meredith Blodget, both of Boston.

The first day of filming took place on Monday, 25 May, and began with an interview of His Excellency, The President, in Norton Park. This was a refreshing change from past interviews which took place out in the desert, in the Back Forty National Park. Following the interview, The President took the film crew on a tour of our nation, visiting all of the usual stops and answering questions along the way.

The second day was Tuesday, 26 May, which was also Founder's Day, our nation's birthday. Filming focused on Founder's Day activities, starting with the delivery of Founder's Day cupcakes to the border, followed by a second, more informal, interview in Norton Park. After the interview and a break, the Founder's Day festivities began as Meredith and Franco followed His Excellency as he welcomed guests and escorted them around on tours of the nation. After filming the ice cream social, the film crew then interviewed a few of the visitors to our nation. Franco and Meredith then wrapped up filming before heading home to Boston by way of San Francisco.

Upon completion, Franco and Meredith will market their film to various venues, and perhaps show it at the Sundance Festival. No matter where it shows, we look forward to another opportunity to showcase Molossia to the world.

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The Crew: Meredith and Franco

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