18 May 2009 XXXII

Khamsin Molossia News

On 18 May 2009 XXXII, our new Post Office was finally inaugurated in Molossia. The result of nearly two weeks hard labor, this magnificent edifice is the new home for the Molossian Postal Service. For years Molossia has had its own Postal Service, offering stamps online, and later adding telegraph capabilities. But this service lacked a dedicated home in our nation, operating instead out of Government House.

This spring, His Excellency, The President, mandated that our Postal Service should have its own building. A site was chosen on Red Square, adjacent to the Peace Pole. With the arrival of good weather in May, work began apace. Cost overruns, work delays and lack of materials delayed the construction far longer than the projected three days; instead it took a total of six days to build, spread out over a nearly two-week period. At long last, the Post Office opened on 18 May, to much fanfare. As well as providing the usual excellent postal services, the new Post Office will also sell postcards of our nation to visitors. A telephone system is planned as well, to open later this year, the first of its kind in Molossia.

In addition to being the new home to our Postal Service, the Post Office is the workplace for our dedicated Postmaster, Ralph, who remains on duty 24 hours a day to ensure our nation's postal needs are met. He doesn't seem to mind the long hours.

We are quite proud of this new Post Office and we are certain that it will enhance life in our great nation for years to come.

The New Post Office

The New Post Office

Postmaster Ralph in His Office

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