20 April 2009 XXXII

Khamsin Molossia News

Tourists continue to visit the Republic of Molossia, thus far totaling six this year alone, not counting the G4 film crew that arrived earlier this month (which would make nine). Today, we had four new visitors, Matt and Julie Gillrie of Utah and Preston and Corine Pugmire of Idaho. The four intrepid travelers had been visiting family around nearby Lake Tahoe, and made it a point to visit Molossia on their way home. Arriving at 11:39 MST, they were met by His Excellency, The President, and escorted on a tour of our nation. Spring having arrived, the weather was beautiful, and our visitors took full advantage of it, seeing every sight in Molossia. Many photos were taken, as well as video, cookie dough and "El Presidente" water were had, and His Excellency stamped everyone's passports and handed out souvenir coins and buttons. The visit lasted about an hour and a half, and a fine time was had by all. We wish Matt, Julie, Preston and Corine well on their voyages home and we look forward to hearing from them again soon.

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