12 April 2009 XXXII

Khamsin Molossia News

On 4 April 2009 XXXII, the new Governor-General of Desert Homestead Province began his official duties by visiting the Province, deep in the Mojave Desert. The Governor-General arrived in Desert Homestead at 4:00 PM MST, having traveled over many sandy desert roads. After verifying the location of the province via GPS using coordinates supplied by His Excellency, The President, he began his first inspection tour.

The initial inspection yielded some interesting finds: There were numerous broken bottles and other trash that had been left there by previous desert dwellers, including paper and plastic trash that had blown into Desert Homestead from the neighboring United States. The Governor-General was very happy to report the discovery of cable and sewer lines running right through the province, thereby enabling future internet access and canceling plans for the installation of an outhouse. Several species of wildlife were observed, including a jackrabbit, and hoof prints were noted, belonging to what is believed to be a mule deer. The weather was noted to be exceptionally nice, not too warm, and with a light breeze that made the inspection tour particularly enjoyable.

Following completion of the inspection tour at 5:00 PM MST, the Governor-General immediately set to work supervising the construction of Baugh Terrace. Baugh Terrace consists of eight interlocking brick patio blocks with a large potted cactus in the center. The entire terrace measures approximately 8.5 Nortons square (5 feet by 5 feet) and was constructed with minimal manpower in less then half an hour. Following the completion of Baugh Terrace, the Governor-General opened a bottle of 2008 Riesling and led a celebratory toast.

As the Governor-General was sitting on Baugh Terrace, enjoying his wine, he was greeted by a pack of three feral dogs. Unsure of the dogs’ intentions and having seen the film Cujo numerous times, the Governor-General quickly retreated to the safety of his car and watched as the pack of dogs sniffed around Baugh Terrace for a few minutes before moving back into the neighboring United States and on to greener pastures.

While confined in the relative safety of his car, the Governor-General placed a phone call to President Baugh’s personal line. After speaking with His Excellency for nearly an hour and providing him with crucial updates about the status of Desert Homestead, the Governor-General took the opportunity to finish the bottle of wine and then began cleaning up some of the paper and plastic waste scattered around the province.

His work finished, the Governor-General sat on Baugh Terrace and watched the sun go down over the desert mountains and waited until the beautiful, bright stars came out over the unclouded skies of Desert Homestead. He finally left the province at 9:00 PM MST, having spent five hours on sovereign Molossian soil.

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