13 August 2003 XXVI

Khamsin Molossia News

California lies just 64 KM (40 miles) west of Molossia, and that state's influence is felt heavily in the state of Nevada, within which Molossia lies. As a result, Molossians are closely watching the current California gubernatorial recall movement. His Excellency, The President of Molossia was quoted in a brief interview yesterday, saying: "It's a circus. California has the 6th largest economy in the world, and yet they bog down their government with this nonsense. It's all about money. You can't have a population of over 30 million people without paying for social services. Those services cost money. Money that will instead be wasted on this recall, to the tune of as much as $66 million. Pay the taxes, accept the responsibility and let the government get back to work."

Of course, this is not going to happen, and day by day the recall situation gets weirder and weirder. Now, in addition to the famed actor Arnold Schwarzenegger, the field is crowded with people like billboard queen Angelyne, porn publisher Larry Flynt, porn star Mary Carey, former child star Gary Coleman, comedian Gallagher and a couple of hundred others. The arrival of candidates such as these has undermined the seriousness of California's government crisis and created a potential for voter apathy and skewed election results. When asked whom he would support in the impending recall election, His Excellency replied that it would be inappropriate to render an opinion concerning the internal affairs of another country. "However," he added with a wink, "I do admire Angelyne's...billboards."

The final outcome of this mess may be an even worse crisis than the current one. And the waves of any California crisis always wash up on the shores of Molossia.

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