22 February 2009 XXXII
Khamsin Molossia News

In the ongoing War with East Germany, a mighty blow has been struck! On 11 February 2009 XXXII, a covert team of operatives from the Principality of Vikesland, headed by Prince Christopher himself, landed on Ernst Thälmann Island to conduct reconnaissance operations there. The purpose was to determine the extent of East German activities on the island, on behalf of the Molossian Government. Among other evidence of East German activity, a massive communications tower was noted, and the East German flag was discovered - proof indeed that East Germany is still operating long after its demise and is no doubt planning nefarious deeds against our nation!

The report from Prince Christopher:

"The night before I sat and drew up plans on how to incur onto the island to gather evidence.

"The next morning we travel by bus to the port. Once at the port we procure our catamaran vessel "Mar Y Sol" and proceed out to open sea. I confer with the first mate on navigational routes to the island. The thought he an East German double agent?

"After about an hour and 45 minutes at sea I wonder where the island is - are we being led into a trap? However, another fifteen minutes later the island is spotted by a crew member.

"We drop anchor at port on the island and disembark. The island is crawling with tourists...or are they really just tourists? I set out on foot to start intelligence gathering. I come across a memorial, perhaps to Ernst Thälmann, but it appears not. It is a memorial to some Cuban soldier. I press on, feeling what can only be described as "eyes watching me". I come across another memorial; again it is for some Cuban. I notice a communications radio tower: an East German listening post? Perhaps it is nothing so diabolical, but perhaps it is. Or maybe it is just their central communications for the island and surrounding area.

"Suddenly as I walk, a bright color catches my eye from a tree stump. It is an East German flag, carelessly left it an accident - or a trap? I quickly snatch it for the Molossian Government as evidence of East German occupation and activity.

"We left island quickly and head for home port as fast as the ship could take us, all the while paranoid that East German naval vessels may be in pursuit. We make it home with no incident and I celebrate with a Cuban cigar."

- Prince Christopher of Vikesland.

We salute Prince Christopher's bravery in this bold incursion onto enemy soil and His Excellency, The President has awarded him the Molossia - East Germany War Medal. Another blow is struck in the ongoing struggle against East German agression!

View the movie of the Vikesland mission to Ernst Thälmann Island here.

Prince Christopher at the helm.

Ernst Thälmann Island.

Ashore on Ernst Thälmann Island.

The captured East German Flag.

Molossia - East Germany War Medal
Molossia - East Germany War Medal.

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