14 December 2008 XXXI
Khamsin Molossia News

With winter weather fully upon us, and snow falling, the time is right to finally construct our weather station. This small station was actually purchased late last winter, but never installed. Molossian weather is fairly staid, save during the winter months, consisting of windy and dry conditions. Precipitation only falls infrequently, mostly from December - April. The weather station apparatus was purchased too late during the winter of 2007-2008 to be useful during the foul weather season, so construction was delayed until inclement weather returned. This has now happened, and the weather station was built on 13 December 2008 XXXI. It consists of a simple device that measures wind speed, wind direction, precipitation and temperature. It was placed in front of Government House for ease of access. There are tentative plans to construct a more elaborate, high-tech weather station in the future, but this low-tech one will do fine for the time being.

In addition to constructing the new weather station, the Molossian Ministry of Science decided to raise a weather balloon aloft to measure air temperature. This took place on 14 December 2008 XXXI, in Norton Park. A thermometer was attached to a group of helium balloons and the array was sent skyward. Results were elusive however, as high winds bedeviled the balloons. Finally, after battling the wind and freezing temperatures, the mission was called off. There are plans to resume the mission at a later date, when the winds decrease. In the meantime, our new weather station will have to suffice, in measuring Molossia's volatile winter weather.

The New Weather Station

The Weather Balloon Array Being Launched

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