14 July 2008 XXXI
Khamsin Molossia News

The Government of the Republic of Molossia is proud to unveil our newest monument, the Molossian Navy Monument. For over three years the Molossian Navy has been a source of great pride to our little country, and in that short time has accomplished some amazing things. The Navy has participated in several voyages of discovery, twice to Sandpiper Island in nearby Lake Lahontan, once to Fannette Island in Lake Tahoe, twice to Donner Lagoon in Donner Lake and even to the ocean at San Gregorio Beach on the Pacific Coast. In addition, the Molossian Naval Infantry, the land combat arm of the Navy, fought in the War with Mustachistan, and was key in defeating that nation decisively. With these accomplishments, it seemed only fitting that a monument be dedicated to our valiant and glorious Navy.

The Navy Monument is located behind Norton Park, near the Tower of the Winds and the Mustachistan War Memorial. The monument consists of four pilings bound by rope and topped with an anchor and rope sculpture. At the base are two oversized seashells, to complete the nautical theme, and on the lowest piling is a piece of stone from Sandpiper Island, brought back from the first successful voyage of the Molossian Navy.

We are quite proud of this latest monument, as we are justifiably proud of our Navy. The Navy brings great credit to our nation, landlocked as it is, and we look forward to its future triumphs.

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His Excellency, The President
dedicates the Navy Monument

The Navy Monument

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