9 August 2003 XXVI

Khamsin Molossia News

On the 2nd day of August 2003 XXVI, the World Micronational Conference convened at the residence-in-exile of His Majesty, King Spence of Zarahemla. This historic meeting gathered together the King, Premier Nicholas Fry of Ambrose and President Kevin Baugh of Molossia. For over two hours, these august personages discussed matters of micronational protocol, history and politics. Each leader advanced his nations goals and views and as a group further debated matters past, present and future pertaining to the micronational world.

This event was remarkable in that it is believed to be the first gathering of micronational leaders from three separate nations. It was a wondrous, informative and entertaining gathering, and promoted a great spirit of understanding between these three nations. Hopefully this will set the stage for more such conferences, and further the cause of intermicronational understanding and goodwill.

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