20 April 2008 XXXI
Khamsin Molossia News

It was with great pleasure that the Republic of Molossia welcomed well-known Reno blogger Ryan Jerz and friends today, to visit our great country. Mr. Jerz mentioned Molossia in an article on his blog 12 December 2007 XXX, a mention which was duly discovered by the Ministry of State Security, Idle Web Surfing Division, during their weekly "Googling" of Molossia mentions on the internet. Shortly thereafter, His Excellency, The President invited Mr. Jerz to visit Molossia, an invitation that was quickly accepted. The visit was delayed until April to allow for better weather, which only succeeded partially. Thus on a blustery - but sunny - day, Ryan Jerz, accompanied by his friends Charlie Johnston and Jim Scripps, arrived in Molossia. They are also the first tourists of 2008 XXXI.

The visit included a tour of the usual Molossian sights, Republic Square, the Peace Pole, Norton Park and the Molossia Railroad, the Tower of the Winds and the Trans-Molossia Trail. The tour was followed by a snack of cookie dough and El Presidente Water, along with with much informal discussion about Molossia and micronations in general. Passports were stamped, and photos were taken. A fine time was had by all, not the least being the President, who loves to showcase our nation to the world. It was a great pleasure to have these gentlemen visit Molossia, and we certainly hope to see them here again - perhaps when the weather is better and there is less wind blowing in from the U.S.!

Visit Ryan Jerz' blog about Molossia here.

From left, Charlie, Jim and Ryan

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