29 July 2003 XXVI

Khamsin Molossia News

Well, it's been a month or two in the works, but the interview has finally happened. His Excellency, The President was interviewed on 28 July 2003 XXVI by TechTV. The President appeared on a segment of "Unscrewed", a new show hosted by Martin Sargent. Sargent interviewed His Excellency on the subjects of Molossia and micronationalism. Questions ranged from the size and population of Molossia to our relations with other nations. TorHavn and Corvinia were noted by His Excellency as long allies of our nation. The interview was a great success, and The President is reported to have enjoyed it immensely.

TechTV is a cable network that showcases technology. They have long had an article about Molossia on their website, and perhaps this was the source from which the idea of an interview was drawn. It is hoped that this was an opportunity to positively showcase our nation and the world of small nations.

The broadcast date will be 11 August 2003 XXVI, 8 PM and 11 PM Pacific Standard Time (8:39 PM and 11:39 PM Molossian Standard Time). Check the Tech TV website for times in other zones.

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