18 February 2008 XXXI

Khamsin Molossia News

On 17 February 2008 XXXI, the former Autonomous Province of Kosovo declared independence from Serbia. Kosovo has been governed by the United Nations since the Kosovo War in 1999, and since that time Kosovo has actively sought self-determination. Recent talks broke down between Kosovo, Serbia and other interested parties, and the region therefore declared its independence.

His Excellency, The President welcomes this new direction for Kosovo, and is an outspoken advocate of self-determination for all peoples. He sent the following message to the Kosovo Assembly:

"On behalf of the Republic of Molossia, I offer congratulations on your Declaration of Independence. It is the right of all mankind to seek a democratic and peaceful way of life, a way of life that guarantees freedom, prosperity and self-determination. The course you have chosen is certain to secure these rights, and I salute your courage, fortitude and vision."

Molossia pledges its support and encouragement to the new nation of Kosovo, and to the Kosovar people. We are certain that only great things lie in store for Kosovo, and that they have taken the first real steps toward a positive future.

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