24 December 2007 XXX

Khamsin Molossia News

Christmas is the most important holiday in Molossia. A time of goodwill and cheer, it is also a time for tradition.

Each year on the weekend after Thanksgiving, the National Christmas Tree rises in its customary location in the Great Room of Government House. This marks the advent of the Christmas Season in Molossia. Every year on that weekend, the First Family comes together to decorate the tree for all Molossians to enjoy. Christmas is a very important time of year for all Molossians, as a time for families to gather and enjoy the bounty of the year and the spirit of goodwill and charity. It is a time of board games, cookies and hot chocolate, as well as a time to enjoy favorite Christmas movies. The Christmas holiday itself is a three-day event, starting on Christmas Eve day with Christmas cookies made, Christmas books read and Christmas movies enjoyed. Christmas Day itself is the time for gift giving and receiving, and the customary Christmas dinner of lasagna is eaten. The last day of the celebration is Boxing Day, which is a day for outdoor activities (weather permitting) and the evening meal of Shepherd's Pie. This generally concludes the Christmas Season. The National Christmas Tree will remain up until around the 1st of January (which is not a Molossian holiday).

On behalf of the First Family and the Government of the Republic of Molossia, we wish you a very Merry Christmas!

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