12 December 2007 XXX

Khamsin Molossia News

The Government of the Republic of Molossia is proud to unveil a new measurement system, the Kokintz System. The Kokintz System is designed to simplify measurements in our nation, using simple and familiar bases. For example, the basic unit of length, the Norton, is based on the length of His Excellency, The President's hand. The basic unit of measurement for weight, the Fenwick, is based on a large tube of Pillsbury Cookie Dough. Cookie dough is, of course, a cultural icon in our nation, and is also the base upon which our money is valued. The basic unit of volume, the Simms, is based on a standard can of Diet Pepsi, a staple drink in our nation. Finally, the Zenda is the basic unit of measurement for temperature and is based off the height of the Molossian First Lady. The names for these units of measurement derive from various movies that feature fictional nations, as well as other micronational icons. The Norton is, of course, named after Emperor Norton I, Emperor of the United States and Protector of Mexico, the "patron saint" of micronationalism. The Fenwick, and its subunit, the Bascomb, are named for the Duchy of Grand Fenwick, from the book and movie "The Mouse That Roared". The Simms and its subunit, the Parador, are named for the movie, "Moon Over Parador", while the Zenda is named for the movie "The Prisoner of Zenda".

Naturally the Kokintz System is unique to Molossia, although we are quite willing to "share" it with anyone that would like to use it. It may be quirky and unusual, but it is also simple and easy to use. We are quite proud of this innovation in measurements, and look forward measuring things in Nortons for many years to come.

The complete Kokintz Measurement System chart can be found here.

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