4 January 2008 XXXI

Khamsin Molossia News

After months of negotiating, posturing and speeches, the tobacco crisis between Molossia and New Antrim came quietly to an end today. His Excellency, the President and Grand Admiral Hess agreed on terms to end the dispute and bring closure to that matter. Among the terms agreed upon, citizens New Antrim may import tobacco products in limited quantities for personal consumption only and shall immediately cease and desist in the growing and export of tobacco or tobacco products.

The New Antrim tobacco crisis began last August, when the New Antrim Tobacco Growers Association protested Molossia's complete ban on tobacco, a ban that extended to New Antrim as a protectorate of Molossia. The tobacco growers complained that the ban limited their livelihood and damaged the economy of New Antrim. When His Excellency, The President stood firm on the ban, Grand Admiral Hess weighed in on behalf of the tobacco growers and a war of words developed. At one point revolution was even threatened. His Excellency then appealed for calm and indicated his willingness to negotiate. Grand Admiral Hess agreed to this and negotiations proceeded. As talks moved forward, a storm destroyed New Antrim's tobacco crop, and brought an abrupt end to the protectorate's tobacco industry. Nevertheless, The President stood by his commitment to negotiate and continued to honor his side of the bargain. The result is the terms mentioned above, as well as disaster relief aid for the tobacco growers unemployed by the storm damage.

Thus ends this tumultuous moment in our nation's history, demonstrating the outstanding leadership of both our President and Grand Admiral Hess. Here's hoping for a continued prosperous and peaceful relationship between New Antrim and Molossia.

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His Excellency Signing the Treaty

The Signing Ceremony

The Signing Ceremony

Grand Admiral Hess Signing the Treaty