24 September 2007 XXX

Khamsin Molossia News

In the ongoing controversy surrounding the growing and production of tobacco and tobacco products in New Antrim, Grand Admiral Hess has finally replied to His Excellency, The President, and what a reply it is. The Grand Admiral not only confirms his realm's continued opposition to the tobacco law, but he also takes the video viewer on a tour of New Antrim's tobacco production facilities. Included in the tour is a visit to a tobacco factory, where child labor is in evidence, followed by a brief interview with a juvenile tobacco user. Appalling conditions, indeed! The Grand Admiral concludes his video with a not-so thinly veiled threat of revolution, if the Molossian tobacco law is not changed.

In response, His Excellency, The President has decided to take the moral high ground, and not stoop to the level of the Grand Admiral. Indeed, in a video reply, The President ignores the child labor and child smoking issues, and instead extends an olive branch to New Antrim. He offers to meet with them, at least virtually, and hammer out a possible policy change. When interviewed offline, His Excellency reminded the reader that New Antrim stood beside Molossia in the War with Mustachistan, and that they have different customs than our own. Above all, The President wishes to avoid the bloodshed that a revolution might bring, instead pleading for cooler heads and compromise.

Much still needs to be resolved about this dispute, although there is certainly hope for a positive and peaceful resolution.

The latest public video statement made by Grand Admiral Hess can be seen here.

His Excellency, The President's latest video response can be seen here.

Grand Admiral Hess

His Excellency, The President

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