13 September 2007 XXX

Khamsin Molossia News

Can it be that New Antrim has blinked? In the ongoing controversy surrounding the growing and production of tobacco and tobacco products in New Antrim, has failed to reply to His Excellency, The President's request to desist. The President responded almost a month ago to New Antrim's appeal to repeal or modify the tobacco law, and to allow the New Antrim to grow and manufacture tobacco products, with an eye toward specializing in cigars. Grand Admiral Hess, the Protector of New Antrim, weighed in on the debate, with a video challenge to His Excellency. The President answered in a video reply, and reiterated our government's firm stance on the banning of tobacco. His Excellency reminded the citizens of New Antrim of the health risks of tobacco, and implored them to obey the law, abandon tobacco production, and perhaps even turn to growing a new and different crop.

New Antrim has since failed to reply, not answering The President's message. Can it be that New Antrim has accepted His Excellency's mandate? Their silence may mean acquiescence - or perhaps something more dire. Only time will tell!

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