28 August 2007 XXX

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A total lunar eclipse occurred above the Republic of Molossia on 28 August 2007 XXX, the last of two lunar eclipses to occur in 2007. The Moon entered the Earth's penumbra at 2:40 AM MST (1:53 AM PST). The first partial phase began in earnest at 3:38 AM MST (2:51 AM PST) when the Moon entered the Earth's umbra. It exited the penumbra at 8:08 AM MST (7:21 AM PST), although this was not seen in Molossia as it was after moonset here. Observation in Molossia began at 3:17 AM MST (2:30 AM PST), with the moon being fully obscured by 3:38 AM MST. Once the moon was within the earth's shadow, it appeared as an orange disc, with the top two thirds darker than the bottom third. Observations ended at 4:07 AM MST, when the Molossian astronomers decided that bed was a better place to be at that raw hour of the morning.

Observation of the eclipse also pointed out a gap in Molossian astronomical survey equipment. Our former telescope, dubbed the Rufus T. Firefly National Observatory, was retired in 2005 due to poor performance. It has not been replaced. This absence of a proper telescope was keenly felt, as it was difficult to clearly see the moon with the naked eye. In addition, photography of the eclipse proved to be nearly impossible with the primitive equipment available. His Excellency, The President has mandated a speedy replacement for the Rufus T. Firefly Telescope, to be accomplished as soon as possible. In addition, Molossian scientists are hard at work creating a camera system to better photograph the heavens. The Molossian night sky is usually clear and crisp, making stargazing a delight. We must take advantage of our beautiful skies with better stargazing equipment.

In the meantime, the 27 August eclipse was a great and memorable experience for our nation.

The Eclipse

The Eclipse

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