29 July 2007 XXX

Khamsin Molossia News

Emerald Bay Excursion

The mighty Molossian Navy has again triumphed in its quest to become the premier navy among the world of small nations. Yesterday, July 28th, 2007 XXX, The Navy set out on the crystal clear waters of Emerald Bay, in Lake Tahoe. The goal was to explore Fannette Island, a thumb of rock in Emerald Bay and the only island in Lake Tahoe. To that end, our Navy struggled mightily, as Emerald Bay is not to be approached lightly. Our Navy's vessels, the Platypus and the Bandicoot had to be hand carried down a steep 1.2 km path to the waters edge, before they could be inflated and launched. Once the fleet was launched, the island proved to be easily within reach, as the waters of the bay are calm, though crowded with other boats. The crossing took just twenty minutes, although landing on the rocky island was quite difficult. The lack of an accessible beach resulted in the landing party having to disembark in the water and wade ashore, beaching their boats high on the rocks. A quick ascent to the top of the island netted a spectacular view, and the landing party shortly returned to their craft. The Navy then circumnavigated the island before returning to the shores of Emerald Bay. There followed a grueling ascent with the boats, up the steep trail, before the mission was called done. Our Navy is victorious again!

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Fannette Island

The President All At Sea

The President Injured

His Excellency, The President was injured twice yesterday while participating in the Molossian Navy's Emerald Bay Expedition. While part of the landing party on Fannette Island, The President injured his back in the underbrush along the way to the top of the island. "Just a flesh wound", he said, as blood poured from the gash. In spite of this, he bravely forged ahead, setting the example for the rest of the crew. Once the Navy returned to the shore of Emerald Bay, while stowing their vessels, His Excellency was again injured, this time receiving a blow to the chest while helping some boaters re-float their beached vessel. Again, he valiantly pressed on, a role model to those around him. The President is recuperating today, and expects to be on his feet by tomorrow, his 45th birthday. "All in the line of duty!" declared our fearless leader. We wish him a speedy recovery.

Our Injured Leader

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