10 July 2007 XXX

Khamsin Molossia News

For the second straight week our tiny nation is struggling with extreme temperatures. Normally, summer temperatures in Molossia fall around 60 Z (32 C / 90 F). While warm, this kind of heat is hardly debilitating, especially considering that our relative humidity rarely rises above 30%. Our hottest temperatures can reach 60 Z and above, but only for a brief period near the end of July. This heatwave, however, has been more extreme than usual, occurring earlier in the summer and lasting longer than usual. The result has been short tempers, constantly running air conditioning and curtailment of outdoor activities. In addition, the heat has been a contributor to wildfires in the local area. The warm air spawns thunderstorms, which in turn start fires from lightning. Indeed a local firehouse, over the border in the United States, caught fire from lightning and burned to the ground. At the time of this writing there are several large wildfires in the surrounding Nevada area, including one not far from Molossia that has burned an area of 72 square Imperial Nortons (72 sq km). Hopefully the heat will abate soon, and along with cooler temperatures bring an end to the rash of wildfires.

In the meantime, the heat has slowed life considerably in Molossia. Outdoor activities are virtually non-existent, beyond irrigation of the Molossian fauna. Even dog training at the new Princess Mia Memorial Dog Park has been curtailed, due to the heat. To beat the heat, an expedition is tentatively planned to nearby Lake Tahoe this coming weekend, to explore Emerald Bay. In the meantime, we look forward to cooler weather so that life can return to normal in Molossia.

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