20 May 2007 XXX

Khamsin Molossia News

The Molossian Navy is proud to announce the launching of the newest vessels in our tiny fleet, the M.S. Bandicoot and the M.S. Platypus. The Platypus and the Bandicoot are kayaks, obtained by our Navy for their portability and especially for their maneuverability. The flagship of the Molossian Navy is the M.S. Wombat, a four-person raft that has been the cornerstone of our Navy since the summer of 2005 XXVIII. The stalwart Wombat is a true workhorse, but it can be difficult and cumbersome to maneuver. Previous expeditions, while successful, were laborious and showed the drawbacks of the Wombat on longer voyages.

To counter this critical drawback, our Navy obtained the Bandicoot and the Platypus in mid-May 2007 XXX. The overriding mission of our Navy has always been exploration, and these vessels seemed ideal for the purpose. On 19 May 2007 XXX, His Excellency, The President christened the Bandicoot and the Platypus at Navy Beach, in Lake Lahontan, not far from the Molossian Home Territory. Shortly thereafter, the two vessels were launched for the first time. Initial sea-trials were favorable, the Platypus and the Bandicoot proving very easy to navigate and propel. Following this brief foray, the two vessels returned to Navy Beach to obtain supplies, then set out on their first expedition, a return visit to Sandpiper Island. The voyage was made very quickly, the Bandicoot and the Platypus performing admirably. The two boats landed on the rocky beach of Sandpiper Island, and our brave Navy disembarked for lunch. That done and a brief survey of the island made, the Navy set sail again, and shortly returned to Navy Beach.

This inaugural voyage was a resounding success, and set our Navy back on course for future expeditions. Already an exploration of other islands in Lake Lahontan is being planned, as well as one to nearby Lake Tahoe, and another to Mono Lake. The Platypus and the Bandicoot have already shown themselves to be valuable assets to our Navy, and hold great promise for boldly going where no Molossian has gone before!

The webpage for the Molossian Navy is here.


The Bandicoot at sea

Sandpiper Island

The President
on Sandpiper Island

His Excellency, The President, Admiral of the Navy

The Bandicoot and the Platypus

Christening the Bandicoot

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