23 April 2007 XXX

Khamsin Molossia News

Molossia is becoming quite the tourist destination! Today we welcomed our third group of tourists, this year alone. Damian Tromerhauser and Shanell Cavener visited Molossia from the nearby community of Silver Springs, Nevada. Damian is working on a college writing project regarding micronations, after learning of their existence during a recent visit to Straw Hat Pizza, in Carson City, Nevada. Straw Hat Pizza, the reader will recall, is the Official Pizza of the Republic of Molossia, appointed as such by His Excellency, The President during a recent ceremony. We are quite pleased that Damian and Shanell learned about Molossia via Straw Hat, and even more pleased that they were interested in visiting our little nation. We wish Damian well in his project and look forward to hearing from them again.

Oh, and if anyone is counting, Damian and Shanell are the seventh and eighth foreign visitors to Molossia since February!

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